Wood Products:

Wood owes its inherent beauty to variations in color, graining, and texture in its natural state. ln the finishing process, our factories attempt to accent this beauty rather than subdue it. Consequently, the chairs or tabletops you receive may not be a perfect color match to our samples. Similarly, there may be minor variations in color from one chair to the next or from one part of the product to the other part of the same product even though they are finished at the same time. Because of these unique wood features, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for the reasons of color variations on the wood products.

Warnings & Maintenance:

To ensure durability, safety, and customer’s satisfaction, regular and timely maintenance is required. Users must make periodic inspections to look for damages, looseness, or signs of structural fatigue occurred in daily use and handling of our products. The inspections should include structural joints, corner blocks, welds and other points of stress, fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) which can loosen under normal contract use. We highly recommend this regular maintenance to be done at least once a month. If any deficiency is found, the product should be taken out of service immediately and user needs to contact dealer from whom the product was purchased.

For cleaning wood products, we recommend lemon oil for light color wood, and old English dark oil for dark wood color. Never ever use water to clean wood surface. Clean chrome with a good automotive chrome cleaner. For powder-coated metal products, use a mild solution of soap and water. Upholstery vinyl can be cleaned with a good automotive vinyl cleaner. Any stain needs to be cleaned right away, otherwise it can become permanent. Please follow fabric manufacturers’ instructions for cleaning fabrics.

All foams are flammable under certain conditions. Do not expose foam to flame or heat such as space heaters, open flame, unprotected lights, or smoking material. When foam is in contact with sufficient heat, combustion will occur causing smoke and gasses to be released. If such combustion occurs within an enclosed space, a danger of suffocation to the occupants exists from the depletion of oxygen. Upholstery covers may also burn and react in a similar way as foam when exposed to sufficient heat.